Veterinary Technicians

Meet The Veterinary Technicians

Pictures and profiles coming soon!!

Jackie Swanson

Jackie Swanson - Practice Manager

Jackie joined our practice in 2017 and is currently enrolled in Penn Foster's 

vet tech program to become a certified veterinary technician.  

Jackie has a passion for caring for animals and loves to work with them for a living.  

She currently has one dog, two cats and a horse, all of whom she loves very deeply.

Megan Hernandez

Megan Hernandez - Head Veterinary Technician

Megan has been working here as a Veterinary Technician and since May of 2018.  

Megan has also recently been promoted to Head Veterinary Technician!

Xaidy Rivera - Veterinary Technician

Estefania Guzman - Veterinary Technician

Jessica Lowell

Jessica Lowell - Veterinary Technician

Jessica has been working here as Veterinary Technician since March of 2018.

Cydney Napier - Veterinary Technician

Emily DeVaux - Veterinary Technician

Samantha Gaytan - Veterinary Technician

Juana Garza - Veterinary Technician

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