Veterinarian Technician Position Available

Job Summary:

Act as the extra eyes, ears and hands for the veterinarian to ensure the best quality pet care and to maximize the veterinarian's productivity. Lead communications with veterinary medical team to maintain the flow of patients and provide professional, efficient and exceptional service at all times.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Educate clients about preventive care, pet health needs, any diagnosis or treatment, hospital services and other issues.

  • Obtain relevant information and history from clients and maintain proper and complete medical charts.

  • Ensure the safety of pets, clients and associates by utilizing safe restraining techniques, following standard protocols, and maintaining clean, sterile and organized treatment areas, exam rooms and labs.

  • Performing procedures that do not require veterinarian assistance, completing preparatory work for other procedures, ensuring that clients and pets are comfortable in the hospital, and monitoring hospitalized or surgical pets.

  • Supports operations by assembling required supplies and instruments; setting-up surgery table instruments; restraining animals; operating and monitoring anesthetic machines; preparing surgical site; placing catheters; cleaning-up post-surgical site; maintaining sterile conditions; obtaining and verifying medications.

  • Assist with surgery as applicable.

  • Maintains animals by feeding, watering, and walking animals; cleaning animal’s cages, and equipment; observing for clinical signs of disease.

  • Maintains safe, secure, healthy and humane environment by sterilizing and wrapping instruments; sanitizing and disinfecting holding and operating areas; storing sterile supplies.

  • Maintains animal records by documenting animal conditions, reactions, and changes; updating database.

  • Mentor other paraprofessionals in the hospital.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Veterinarian Technician Certification preferred but not required

  • Documentation Skills

  • Analyzing Information

  • Clinical Skills

  • Creating a Safe, Effective Environment

  • Performing Diagnostic Procedures

  • Use of Medical Technologies

  • Attention to Detail

  • Outstanding Verbal Communication Skills

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